Large Merchant Solutions

Our Mobile Merchant Platform is ideal for large national brands that have a customer frequency of at least 1x/per month including restaurants (QSRs, FSRs, Fast Casual, etc.), convenience stores and gas stations.

As the team that created the current gold standard in mobile commerce, we are excited to work with companies that intend to break new barriers. CARDFREE® develops custom solutions that deliver innovation and meet business objectives.

CARDFREE® provides large merchants the following benefits:

Offers management with the ability to define user controls (example: by specific store, region or national).

Direct integration with major POS systems that enables submission of order-ahead transactions directly to store locations.

The ability to realize cost savings with CARDREE™ payments partners that offer disruptive economic models for mobile payments.

Experience with multi-phased roll-outs and deploying solutions at POS and drive-thru.

Ability to leverage national aggregate guest-check data across thousands of restaurants (both QSR and FSR) to benchmark relative performance down to specific store location, drive thru or zip code.

Multiple payment options with mobile design experience to drive preferred tender types.

Customer loyalty solutions that allow for tender type focus and/or purchase behavior rewards.

Average Customer

Mobile ROI

Twice the customer value

Our analysis has found that mobile pre-paid users have twice the yearly value of the average customer. If you are interested in more ROI data or a custom analysis. Please contact us.

Mobile Customer