Fuel & Convenience Stores

Our Solutions Can Increase C-Store Visits & Loyalty

These days, C-Stores are competing more and more with QSRs and grocery for food purchases. Why not be even more competitive and make it easier and more tempting to go in store for food and beverages?

In fact, why not make your C-Store a key differentiator to your fuel experience? Most consumers view fuel as a commodity purchase that is driven mostly by location and convenience. The right mobile program can shift that view and drive in-store visits and brand loyalty.

CARDFREE offers a variety of solutions that can address Fuel & C-Store needs including:

  • How to make the fuel experience even more convenient.
  • How to expand beyond fuel and drive more traffic into your C-Store.
  • How to unify the consumer payment experience between pump and store.
  • How to take advantage of down time at the pump.
  • How to compete with QSRs and grocery for food sales.

Sample Use Cases

Pay @ Pump

Food Ordering