The Largest Provider of Order & Pay Solutions for QSRs and Other Restaurants

Our platform has been battle-tested and designed to support large restaurant volumes. Though we are a mobile-centric platform, our services can be used across channels and partners to enable distribution via web, kiosks, voice assistants, Waze, and in-car.

Whether you need a new mobile app or have an existing one that needs updating, CARDFREE™ services can help your restaurant increase ticket size, loyalty and guest satisfaction. Some ways restaurants can use our services include:

  • Implementing order-ahead to enable guests to skip lines.
  • Tailoring order-ahead for different use cases such as favorites for voice orders or catering menus for large orders.
  • Enhancing existing loyalty and marketing programs with CARDFREE data.
  • Implementing Pay @ Table so guests can pay whenever they’re ready.

Sample Use Cases

Dunkin’ Donuts

DD Perks               DD Order On-The-Go      On-The-Go Menu

Catering Menu