Case Study

Monty’s Good Burger

Bolstering business in the midst of the pandemic with a streamlined online ordering system


With its bright checkered walls, neon signs, playful illustrations, and open kitchen, LA-based Monty’s Good Burger serves up nostalgic, classic burger joint vibes… minus the meat. In a few short years since its 2018 debut at Coachella, Monty’s Good Burger has transformed from a roving music festival popup to a fast-growing plant-based enterprise.

CardFree online ordering, Monty's Good Burger
CardFree online ordering, Monty's Good Burger


Through its first couple years in business, Monty’s kept its tech stack lean, opting to forgo any type of online ordering system or third party apps. In late 2019, the team at Monty’s reached out to CardFree about our digital ordering solutions, but at the time, droves of Angelinos were lining up for Monty’s plant-based burgers–adding online ordering to the operation was on the radar for Monty’s, but not at the top of the priority list. 


…and then came March, 2020. Sweeping COVID safety restrictions were put in place, and, like so many restaurants across the globe, Monty’s Good Burger shuttered its doors to assess the path forward in an industry that had just been flipped on its head. With the safety of their staff and guests a top priority, the team picked up their search for a contactless ordering platform with a new sense of urgency.


The Monty’s team soon found that, despite the many options available, finding a platform that could be implemented in a short timeframe while seamlessly integrating with their existing POS would be a challenge. Luckily, CardFree’s online ordering system was able to address both issues.

“We found that a lot of other solutions out there were not able to work directly with our POS, so one of the main reasons we chose CardFree was their ability to integrate with our system. CardFree was not only able to integrate their ordering platform with our existing POS system, but were also able to turn the project around really quickly and smoothly.” 
– Bill Fold, Partner, Monty’s Good Burger

Now that the team had selected CardFree as their platform, their goal was not only to offer customers a streamlined method to order ahead, but also a new way to present the Monty’s Good Burger brand at a time when pandemic restrictions did not allow guests the full on-premise brand experience. 


We worked closely with Monty’s to deliver a digital ordering web app along with native iOS and Android apps, providing natural extensions of the brand and a frictionless ordering experience. 


After 3 months of planning and building out its restaurants to be as COVID-safe as possible, Monty’s Good Burger was ready to reopen and put CardFree’s digital ordering platform to the test.

Monty's Good Burger online ordering, CardFree






Soon after launching CardFree’s online ordering system, ~30% of Monty’s total sales were coming from online orders. That rate has stayed consistent even after on-premise dining restrictions were lifted–a testament to the quality and ease of use of the ordering platform and consumers’ desire to use this type of technology.


Additionally, Monty’s average ticket value for online orders is about 11% higher compared to in-person or phone orders. Monty’s attributes this to a combination of CardFree’s upsell feature, the power of quality photos, a smooth UX that cleanly presents Monty’s full menu, and the fact that online ordering typically allows the customer more time to explore the menu options.