Because consumer packaged goods are sold across different channels and many different retail stores, it can be difficult to track consumers across retailers and glean a clear picture of who consumers are, how often they purchase and what can be done to enhance loyalty. CardFree offers a variety of solutions that can address CPG needs with Loyalty integration, digital offers, and marketing support.

CardFree offers a variety of solutions that can address CPG needs including:

  • A mobile SDK that can be used to unify customer data across existing apps and partner apps
  • Loyalty programs that can work across different retail stores
  • Digital offers that can be used across different apps and channels
  • Digital marketing support to track promotional ROI
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Can digital solutions help CPG brands track consumer behavior across different retailers?

Certainly! Digital tools and platforms aggregate purchase data from various retailers, offering insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and patterns, facilitating targeted marketing strategies.

What challenges do CPG brands face in understanding their consumers, and how can digital solutions help?

CPG brands struggle to track consumer purchases across multiple retail channels, but digital solutions can collect and analyze data from these varied sources, offering a clearer picture of consumer preferences and behaviors.

How can integrating loyalty programs benefit my CPG brand?

Loyalty programs can help you understand your customers better by tracking their purchasing habits across retailers, allowing you to tailor offers that increase loyalty and repeat purchases.

How can I track consumer behavior across different retail channels?

To track consumer behavior across retail channels, leverage data analytics and CRM systems integrated with POS systems. This approach, including loyalty programs linked to purchases in-store, online, or via apps, offers insights into shopping habits, aiding in the creation of personalized marketing and loyalty strategies.

Why is it important for CPG brands to have a clear picture of their consumers?

Understanding your consumers allows for more targeted product development, marketing, and promotional strategies, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.