The Most Comprehensive Suite of On-Premise Hospitality Solutions

Supercharge your operational efficiency and your guest experience with our suite of on-premise digital ordering and payment solutions.

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CardFree’s suite of on-premise digital ordering and payment solutions provide flexible, branded, frictionless customer experiences for your restaurant, hotel, venue, or retail business, no app needed (though we are an award-winning app provider).

  • Speed up table turns
  • Cut back on wait times
  • Increase check size by 20% or more
  • Free up your staff to focus on the most important areas of your operation.

CardFree’s solutions integrate with nearly all POS systems, processors, and loyalty platforms for fast deployment, battle-tested with more than $2.9B of transactions processed.

CardFree mobile order and pay at the table
CardFree EMV restaurant payment solutions

Tableside Payments & Line-Busting Solutions with CardFree EMV Plus

With chargebacks and credit card fraud on the rise, an EMV solution has become a must-have for restaurants. EMV integration protects restaurants from chargeback disputes, while enhanced security through encrypted payments strengthens fraud detection and prevention.
  • Enables staff-directed tableside orders and payments
  • Can be used to bust the line during peak hours, or facilitate curbside/drive-thru payments
  • Easy, secure bill splits by item, percentage, or dollar amount
  • WiFi and LTE-connected devices integrated with your POS and processor
  • P2P encrypted payments keep merchants outside of PCI scope
  • Dip, swipe, or tap–including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Store & Forward


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How can CardFree's solutions specifically benefit on-premise operations in the hospitality sector?

CardFree’s suite enhances on-premise dining and shopping experiences by providing a streamlined, app-free option for ordering and payments, suitable for restaurants, hotels, venues, and retail businesses.

What impact do CardFree's digital solutions have on table turnover rates?

Implementing CardFree can lead to faster table turns by speeding up the order and pay process, allowing more guests to be served in less time.

In what ways does CardFree's system help reduce wait times?

By facilitating quicker, frictionless transactions, CardFree helps minimize wait times for orders and payments, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Can CardFree's digital ordering and payment solutions increase sales?

Yes, businesses have reported increases in check size by an average of 20% or more, while improved table turn allows your operation to serve more guests in less time.

How does implementing CardFree free up staff within a business?

With CardFree enabling faster and simpler ordering and payment processes, staff can redirect their focus to providing higher quality service and attending to the most important areas of operation, optimizing overall efficiency.