CardFree mobile apps for restaurants

Expand your digital presence with a branded mobile app for restaurant ordering, payment, loyalty, and delivery.


Our smooth UI and intuitive backend makes CardFree mobile apps easy to use for both customers and operators. Fully scaleable for restaurants of all types and sizes, integrated with the leading POS systems, processors, loyalty platforms, and gift card services.

Mobile App for Restaurants
Mobile App for Restaurants

Mobile apps built for your brand, turnkey or customized

  • White label turnkey native iOS and Android apps with customizable features and settings
  • Award-winning UI designed for a frictionless guest experience
  • Easily upload your brand assets, including logos, fonts, and menu images
  • Options to add CardFree Loyalty or integrate with 3rd party loyalty platforms
  • Looking for advanced functionality? Get in touch to discuss our custom app options.

Mobile ordering and payments made simple

  • Gift card and mobile wallet support, including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • 3rd party delivery integration
  • Supports dine-in, takeout, curbside/drive-thru, catering, and delivery order modes
  • Easily manage multiple menus and locations with images and complex modifiers
  • Merchant portal to configure menus, order modes, throttling, item availability, dayparts, upsell, offers, promos, and more
Mobile App for Restaurants
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What features can I expect from a CardFree mobile app for my restaurant?

Expect seamless ordering, payment, loyalty program integration, and delivery options, all within a user-friendly interface tailored to your brand.

How easy is it for customers to use CardFree mobile apps?

Designed with a smooth UI, CardFree apps are extremely user-friendly, ensuring a pleasant and intuitive experience for your customers.

How does the backend of the app simplify operations for restaurant operators?

The intuitive backend allows operators to easily manage menus, track orders, view analytics, and adjust loyalty program parameters.

Is online payment secure through the CardFree mobile app?

Security is a top priority, with all online payments processed through encrypted channels to protect customer data.

Can the app be integrated with third-party delivery services?

Yes, it’s possible to integrate third-party delivery services, expanding your delivery capabilities without complicating operations.