Loyalty Programs to build brand love

Loyalty programs no longer fall under “nice-to-have” — they’re an essential tool grow your brand, drive sales, boost customer lifetime value, and gain invaluable 1:1 customer data, giving your guests a reason to come back for more. If you’re looking for a loyalty program that goes well beyond the basic punch card paradigm without breaking the bank, our solution offers flexibility and tools to create a unique experience and enhance your restaurant brand.

CardFree restaurant loyalty platform

Why CardFree Loyalty?

Mature Full Stack Solution
Better User Experience
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Lower Cost of Ownership
Pay Only for the Functionality You Need
White Glove Service

Mobile Loyalty Programs Configured for Your Brand

From simple to complex, online and in-store, a restaurant loyalty platform that doesn’t break the bank.





Reach customers at the right time & boost Loyalty adoption

  • Add Loyalty enrollment to any Order + Pay touchpoint to increase signup volume, including on-premise checkout
  • The results: a CardFree multi-unit restaurant partner added Loyalty enrollment to its Pay@Table EMV interface and saw a 300% increase in Loyalty adoption
restaurant loyalty enrollment screen
CardFree restaurant loyalty program

Every channel,
seamlessly integrated

Engage your customers

  • Segment customers based on numerous attributes, configure offers with various rules, and create scheduled or triggered campaigns to send offers and promos via SMS, email, or push notifications.
  • Geolocation-enabled campaigns allow brands to push timely triggered notifications to guests when they’re near the restaurant, creating a highly efficient offer and messaging strategy that hits customers with the right message at the right time.
  • Enable customers to fully manage their personal gift cards and send digital gift cards to their contacts via SMS and email.
Restaurant loyalty program structure

Choose Your Program Structure

  • Single Tier & Multi-Tier Rewards
  • Membership Tiers
  • Reward Catalog
  • Banked Points
  • Points can be redeemed as dollar amount or percentage discounts on order totals or specific menu items
  • Merchants can also configure bespoke offers to send to Loyalty users via campaigns using CardFree Marketing & Engagement Tools

Configure How Customers Earn

  • Milestones (enrollment | birthday | anniversary)
  • Transactional (per dollar spent | per transaction | specific items)
  • Points Multipliers (for purchase of specific items | purchases within a specific time period)
  • Gift Cards (earn additional points for gift card purchases and subsequent reloads)
  • Challenges (e.g. visit 5 times this month or purchase 3 iced coffees)
  • Randomized “Surprise & Delight” offers 
  • Refer-a-friend
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