A Frictionless Payment Platform Built for Scale

The CardFree Payment Platform makes payments smooth, simple, and secure. With our universal API, it’s simple to deploy, integrating with your existing tech stack to enable any payment type. Unlike legacy systems, our mobile payment platform provides the ability to tie all programs seamlessly together, including loyalty, offers, rewards, etc, streamlining the payment process for you and your customers. Scroll down for more on our payment product suite.

CardFree restaurant payment platform
Mobile POS EMV platform for restaurants


Enable tableside, curbside, or line-busting payments with our EMV device or tablet-based mobile POS platform.
  • CardFree’s handheld mobile POS restaurant payment platform acts as extensions of your existing POS terminals
  • Option for staff-facing order + pay or drop the device at the table for guest-directed order + pay
  • Custom marketing screens and loyalty enrollment
  • Advanced fraud and chargeback protections with P2P encrypted payments


Speed up table turns, boost check size, and improve customer satisfaction with easy self-directed pay at the table tech.
  • Simple, fast mobile order and pay at the table technology via consumer mobile devices
  • No app download or new hardware required
  • Enables guests to easily add items to their tab and pay their checks whenever they’re ready
  • Enhanced security – PCI level 1 compliant (the most stringent audit requirement level)
  • Experience tailored for your brand with support for QR codes, NFC tags, short codes, and manual entry


Cut back on fraud and eliminate the need for manual payment entry on phoned-in orders.
  • Input phone numbers to send customers SMS payment links directly from your POS with loyalty integration
  • No new hardware required
  • Ideal for restaurants or retail


Give your customers a unified, cross-channel, frictionless payment interface, regardless of your digital ordering provider, POS, or payment processor.
  • CardFree Checkout is a platform-agnostic payment interface decoupled from CardFree’s core products, so your operation can use Checkout as a standalone solution fully integrated with your existing tech stack
  • Digital wallet support, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and more
  • Provides guests with a consistent payment experience across all touchpoints (online ordering, native app, mobile pay, kiosk, etc.)
  • Out-of-the-box fraud protection with 3D-Secure authentication




Our flexible, API-driven mobile ordering and restaurant payment platform is designed with true end-to-end capabilities, built to fit into your tech stack. Offers, payments, loyalty, and ordering can be integrated with your existing systems to create a frictionless, merchant-branded guest experience through multiple touchpoints.


CardFree products enable your business to use one checkout process for all orders — our Universal Payment Layer — creating an easy, streamlined system for both staff and customers.


All orders, including third-party delivery, can be processed through the Universal Payment Layer, allowing your operation to see holistic customer insights–what we call our “universal source of truth.”

CardFree Universal Payment Layer online ordering for restaurants
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