QR Code Ordering

Unleash the power of QR codes for self-serve ordering at your restaurant.


QR codes linked to CardFree products allow for seamless smartphone-enabled orders and payments at the table or in the drive-thru/curbside lane to boost efficiency and improve the guest experience.

QR Code food ordering QR Code food ordering
QR Code pay at table

QR Code Mobile Pay

  • Print QR code links on tickets to enable self-directed payments at the table or drive thru
  • Multiple guests can scan the QR code for simple bill splits by item, percentage, or dollar amount
  • Gift card and mobile wallet support, including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • No app download required
  • No new hardware necessary

Mobile Order + Pay

  • Print QR code table signs to enable Order@Table + Pay@Table for a fully self-directed order and pay experience, allowing guests to add items to their tab at any time
  • Hotels and large venues can use location-specific QR codes for F&B delivery anywhere on-site (e.g. room orders, pool cabanas, golf course tee boxes)
  • Add QR codes to designated parking lot signs for drive-thru/curbside orders and payments
CardFree pay at the table and order at table solutions
print collateral for restaurant online ordering promotion

QR Codes to Increase Engagement

Use QR code links on marketing collateral to increase engagement in a variety of ways, including:

  • App downloads
  • Loyalty signups
  • Special offers and promotions
  • Gift card purchases

Mobile Tipping for Hotels & Resorts

  • Place QR code signs in-room or throughout your hotel property to enable quick and simple mobile tipping
  • Enable charge-to-room, credit/debit, or mobile wallet payments
  • Options to tip by individual or department
  • Collect valuable guest feedback
QR Code food ordering
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