The only restaurant payment solution you'll ever need

CardFree Checkout gives your customers a unified, cross-channel, frictionless payment interface, regardless of your digital ordering provider, POS, or payment processor. With digital wallet support, built-in fraud protection, and easy one-tap payments, CardFree Checkout gives your operation the ultimate flexibility.

Frictionless checkout on any platform

CardFree Checkout frictionless restaurant payment platform

CardFree Checkout is a platform-agnostic, prebuilt restaurant payment interface decoupled from CardFree’s core products — that means your operation can use Checkout as a standalone solution fully integrated with your existing tech stack, no matter how your ordering or payment processing is set up.


With easy, secure, streamlined transactions, CardFree Checkout simplifies payments for your guests while giving you cross-channel insights to supercharge your marketing.

  • Embed in any 3rd party’s native app or web solution via SDK or direct API calls
  • Digital wallet support, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and more
  • Provides guests with a consistent payment experience across all touchpoints (online ordering, native app, mobile pay, kiosk, etc.)
  • Pre-integrated into your tech stack, no new hardware necessary


CardFree Checkout integrates with the leading digital ordering platforms, payment processors, loyalty solutions, and gift card providers.

CardFree Checkout mobile restaurant payments

Safe & Secure Payments

CardFree Checkout comes with built-in customizable fraud and security tools to protect your business and your customers without the need for a 3rd party gateway.
  • Out-of-the-box fraud protection to identify fraudulent activity pre-transaction and the option to layer on integrated 3rd party fraud tools
  • 3D-Secure authentication to shift chargeback liability to the issuing bank for all card transactions or a subset of transactions based on configurable parameters
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. CardFree takes restaurants and their partners out of PCI scope, qualifying them to use a pre-filled SAQ A, the simplest method of PCI validation

A Universal Payment Layer

CardFree Checkout is one piece of our Universal Payment Layer, providing a single API to streamline restaurant payments across all of your channels. Regardless of your platform provider or how your customers place their order (in-store, mobile, kiosk, etc.), all payments can be filtered through CardFree’s Universal Payment Layer to give your operation holistic customer insights that can be drilled down to the individual – what we call our “universal source of truth.”

CardFree Universal Payment Layer online ordering for restaurants

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What is a CardFree Checkout?

CardFree Checkout is a comprehensive, platform-agnostic payment interface that streamlines restaurant payments across all channels, supporting various digital wallets and integrating seamlessly with any POS or payment processor. With CardFree Checkout, your customers interact with the same payment process and interface regardless of the ordering channel, whether your operation uses CardFree ordering or any other ordering platform. This provides a consistent experience for guests while giving your operation unified sales data.

What is 3D-Secure authentication, and how does it benefit my restaurant?

3D-Secure authentication adds an extra layer of security for online transactions, shifting chargeback liability to the issuing bank and reducing financial risks for your restaurant.

How does integrating CardFree Checkout affect my restaurant's marketing efforts?

By providing cross-channel payment insights, CardFree Checkout provides holistic insights into sales data and customer behavior to help inform your marketing strategies.

How does CardFree Checkout's fraud protection compare to third-party gateways?

Its out-of-the-box fraud protection is designed to meet or exceed the capabilities of many third-party gateways, offering robust security measures to protect your business and customers.

Will using CardFree Checkout simplify the payment process for my guests?

Yes, its streamlined, frictionless, and intuitive interface is designed to make transactions quicker and easier for your guests.