Restaurant Online Ordering System & Mobile Payment

CardFree offers digital ordering and payments for restaurants with the safest, most frictionless platform on the market. From multi-unit enterprises to mom and pop shops, QSRs to fine dining, and everything in between, our services can be used across channels and partners to enable orders and payments via web, mobile app, kiosk, voice assistants, Waze, and in-car.

Whether you need a new mobile app or have an existing one that needs updating, CardFree can help your restaurant increase ticket size, loyalty and guest satisfaction.

Some ways restaurants can use our services include:

  • Order ahead solutions through web and mobile applications
  • Text-to-Pay for phone orders, drive-thru or curbside service
  • Customization of pre-orders for different use cases, such as favorites for voice orders or catering menus for large orders
  • Loyalty program implementation
  • Enhance existing marketing and loyalty programs with data from CardFree
  • Implementation of Order@Table and Pay@Table so guests can order and pay whenever they’re ready
CardFree digital ordering and payments for restaurants
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of restaurants can benefit from integrating an online ordering and mobile payment system?

Any restaurant, from quick-service restaurants (QSRs) to fine dining establishments and everything in between, can enhance guest satisfaction and streamline operations with a digital ordering and payment platform.

How does incorporating a digital ordering and payment system influence customer loyalty and ticket size?

Digital platforms not only make ordering more convenient for customers but also offer personalization and AI-powered upsell options, leading to a 30% increase in ticket value on average. Additionally, the enhanced customer data gleaned from digital order and pay systems provides restaurant operators with valuable insights on customer behavior, which can lead to a better overall guest experience, brand affinity, and loyalty.

What are the options for restaurants looking to add an online ordering and payment platform or digitally transform their operation?

CardFree offers customizable solutions catering to your specific needs to enable efficient online ordering and payments.

How can integrating digital payments into our service model increase revenue?

Integrating digital payments can increase your revenue by streamlining the payment process, encouraging larger orders, and improving overall guest satisfaction, leading to repeat business. With a streamlined order and pay process, your operation can increase efficiency while freeing up staff to focus on the most important areas of your business.

Are online ordering and mobile payments secure for both customers and restaurants?

CardFree platforms prioritize security, using advanced encryption and compliance measures to protect your customer and business data.