Mobile Ordering Platform for Hotels

Offer hotel guests the mobile-focused speed and convenience they’ve come to expect at your hotel or resort restaurants and retail outlets with CardFree Hotel Services. Our services integrate with POS systems and hotel management software to enable mobile ordering for hotels and resorts with easy payments and charge-to-room features. We can plug our services into your existing app to ensure a consistent, branded, frictionless guest ordering experience.

CardFree Concierge Hotel and Resort Services include:

  • Order-ahead solutions via web and mobile ordering apps
  • Mobile Order-to-Room solutions for room service or delivery to specific areas of your resort
  • Text-To-Pay for ancillary services like spa treatments or tours
  • Table-side services like Pay@Table and Order@Table or EMV Plus
  • Catering and event ordering and menu management system
  • On-site ordering and payment kiosks
  • Enhancing existing loyalty and marketing programs with CardFree data
Mobile Ordering System for Hotels and Resorts
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How does mobile ordering enhance the guest experience in hotels and resorts?

Mobile ordering offers your guests the convenience of ordering food and services directly from their smartphones anywhere on-premise, whether in-room, poolside, at the golf course, or anywhere else on the hotel property. This reduces wait times, improves service efficiency, and adds a new element of convenience for your guests.

Is the mobile ordering platform compatible with different POS systems and hotel management software?

Our mobile ordering platform is adaptable and can integrate seamlessly with your POS systems and hotel management software, ensuring a smooth operation.

Can guests charge their orders to their room using mobile ordering?

Yes, with the right mobile ordering platform, guests can easily charge their food, beverage, retail orders, spa services, or any other amenity offered at your hotel directly to their room, streamlining payments and enhancing the convenience of their stay.

What benefits does the charge-to-room feature offer for hotel guests and operations?

The charge-to-room feature allows your guests to bill orders directly to their room, enhancing convenience while also streamlining billing and payment processes for the hotel.

Is it possible to customize the mobile ordering experience to match my hotel’s brand?

Absolutely! Mobile ordering platforms can be customized to reflect your hotel’s branding. This includes adapting the app’s design elements like logos, color schemes, fonts, and photos to ensure a consistent and engaging brand experience for your guests.