Flexible Off-Premise Mobile Ordering & Payment Solutions for Restaurants of All Sizes

Offer your guests a branded, frictionless, mobile ordering and payment experience.

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With integration into nearly all POS systems and loyalty platforms, battle-tested with more than $3.5 billion worth of transactions processed, and best-in-class customer insights, CardFree offers simple, versatile mobile order, pay, and loyalty solutions for restaurants of any size.

  • Grow your sales
  • Amplify your brand
  • Boost your marketing
  • Improve operational efficiency
CardFree mobile ordering and payment solutions for restaurants


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How does CardFree's platform enhance sales for off-premise dining options?

By integrating advanced order, pay, and loyalty solutions that work with nearly all POS systems, CardFree helps restaurants grow sales by making transactions more accessible and convenient for customers.

In what ways can CardFree amplify a restaurant's brand?

CardFree enables customized mobile ordering experiences that reflect your brand’s identity, helping to amplify your presence and attract more customers through a seamless digital interface.

How does CardFree boost marketing efforts for restaurants?

With its comprehensive customer insights and integrated loyalty platforms, CardFree allows restaurants to craft targeted marketing campaigns that effectively engage customers and promote repeat business.

What operational efficiencies do CardFree’s off-premise solutions offer to restaurants?

CardFree’s solutions streamline ordering and payment processes, improving operational efficiency for takeout and delivery orders.

How reliable is CardFree's technology for handling transactions?

With over $2.9 billion in transactions processed, CardFree’s battle-tested platform offers reliability and security, ensuring a smooth operation for restaurants of any size.