Unparalleled Experience in Mobile Wallet Deployments

Over 20,000 Stores
Deployed nationally
Over 18 million mobile app downloads
4.9 million mobile loyalty users
Mobile gifting exceeds physical gifting
5 million mobile app downloads
30% increase in ticket size

Our current customers give us access to over 114 million consumers each week

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We are a one-stop solution for merchants that want a successful mobile wallet app.

CARDFREE® is the leading mobile wallet platform for large merchants. In a landscape full of mobile payment and wallet providers, we are the only end-to-end enterprise mobile wallet platform that engages consumers and helps merchants increase frequency, loyalty and ticket size.

The consumer of today wants the ability to shop, order and pay from the convenience of their mobile device. They expect brands to offer smart personalized offers, real-time engagement and meaningful rewards. Mobile payments are meaningless to consumers without the services that add real value to their overall experience. Engage today’s consumer with CARDFREE®.

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Our platform services

Offers & Promotions

ARDFREE® provides a variety of solutions depending on merchant needs. We can mobilize existing…

Stored Value Solutions

CARDFREE®’s Next Generation Stored Value Platform provides an…


CARDFREE® can mobilize existing loyalty programs or develop custom programs based on merchant…


Many existing order ahead platforms were built for online and not mobile. We’ve developed 2nd generation…

Data Analytics/Master Account

Because we integrate with merchant POS systems, we have access to…

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