Text-To-Pay for Retail & Service-Based Businesses

A secure alternative for businesses accepting credit cards over the phone or collecting payments via emailed invoices.


CardFree Text-To-Pay can be integrated with your POS or used as a standalone service.

Convenient Payment Requests

  • Merchants can use the CardFree Portal or App to quickly send payment requests, including invoices and customer notes with the option to add convenience fees.

Fast & Secure

  • Customers enjoy a convenient and secure payment method, including the ability to pay with digital wallets such Apple Pay and Google Pay.
CardFree Text to Pay for retail
CardFree text to pay mobile app

Fraud Liability Shift

  • Optional 3D Secure feature shifts fraud-related chargeback liability back to issuing banks, resulting in significant cost savings, especially for high-value transactions.

Ideal for Service-Based Businesses

  • Text-to-pay simplifies payments for car dealerships, auto repair shops, mobile technicians, home maintenance services, salons, spas, and many more.
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What are the benefits of using the CardFree Portal or App for sending payment requests?

Merchants can quickly send detailed payment requests, including invoices and notes, and have the option to add convenience fees for the service.

What makes text-to-pay a secure payment method?

With features like optional 3D Secure, Text-To-Pay provides enhanced security, reducing fraud risk and shifting liability for chargebacks to issuing banks.

Who can benefit from using Text-To-Pay?

Text-To-Pay is ideal for a wide range of service-based businesses like car dealerships, auto repair shops, salons, and home maintenance services, simplifying the payment process for both the business and the customer.

How does Text-To-Pay work for service-based businesses?

Service-based businesses can send payment requests directly to customers’ mobile devices, allowing for easy and secure payment through a simple text message link.

Is Text-To-Pay convenient for customers?

Yes, it offers customers a fast and hassle-free way to pay without the need for entering card details over the phone or paying through emailed invoices.