A Flexible Mobile Ordering Platform for Restaurants & Hotels

CardFree offers flexible omni-channel ordering solutions built for scale. Our mobile order ahead platform can be used across all consumer touchpoints, including online, mobile web, and on-premise ordering to cut down on wait times or quickly add items to dine-in orders.

For merchants with existing mobile apps, we offer a Mobile SDK that enables outside developers to plug-in to our ordering API to take your app or website to the next level.

CardFree multi-channel online ordering for restaurants and hotels

True 360° End-To-End Capabilities
with Direct POS Integration

More ordering channels than any other platform

Manage menus from a single dashboard to synchronize all ordering channels,
including third-party delivery

Omni-Channel Ordering

Build your brand and boost revenue with CardFree’s flexible ordering solutions for all types of restaurant operations. Seamless branded digital experiences keep your guests coming back while simple POS-integrated menu management syncs all ordering channels to keep your operation running as efficiently as possible.

Mobile and Online Ordering

We support complex menus, modifications, combinations, and any customized needs via web app or native app.


Consumers can place dine-in orders via their mobile devices initiated via QR code or web link, adding flexibility, increasing check size, and easing staff workloads.


Self-serve ordering and payment integrated with your POS through our easy and convenient interactive branded kiosk solutions.

EMV + Tablet Mobile POS

Enable tableside, drive-thru, or line-busting ordering through our handheld EMV or tablet-enabled mobile POS.


Modernize your drive-thru order and pay system with mobile and kiosk solutions, or take your POS system on the go.

Delivery Integration

First-party dispatch
  • Enable delivery directly from your own first-party channels
  • Our platform connects orders placed on your branded web or mobile app with delivery fleets, allowing for direct-to-consumer delivery
  • No delivery commission fees
Third-party delivery marketplaces
  • Manage menus and pricing with the CardFree dashboard to sync with third-party delivery marketplaces, including UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and dozens more through our Chowly partnership.
  • Route third-party delivery orders directly to your POS
CardFree online ordering delivery integration
CardFree Checkout frictionless payment interface for restaurants

Additional Features

Smart AI Upsell and Cross-Sell

Our online ordering platform analyzes real-time data, suggesting perfectly paired items based on customers’ cart selections. Initial clients have already seen a 300% increase in adoption of AI-enabled upsell suggestions compared to standard upsell suggestions. Learn more

Enable a Variety of Check-In Options

BLE, GPS, etc., and the ability to release orders based on proximity.

Tap into smartphone geolocation or geofencing services to enable “I’m here” notifications, alerting staff when a customer is nearby to pickup their order so your team won’t skip a beat.

Multiple Payment Options

We enable any payment type, including digital wallets. All payments can be processed through our Universal Payment Layer, providing an easy, streamlined checkout system for both staff and customers.

A Scalable, Flexible Mobile Ordering System

$3.5B+ Transactions Processed


Our mobile order ahead platform allows your operation to easily accept orders and payments via card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, while opportunities for smart upselling and cross-selling mean more profits and happier customers. With our easy-to-navigate UI, the platform can accommodate even the most complex menus with modifications and combos to fit the needs of any merchant.


Our platform seamlessly integrates with nearly all POS systems, payment processors, and loyalty platforms for fast, simple deployment, no new hardware required.

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What is a Mobile SDK, and how can it enhance my app or website?

A Mobile SDK is a software development kit that developers can use to integrate your app or website with advanced ordering capabilities, enhancing functionality and user experience.

How does CardFree's platform help in managing dine-in orders more effectively?

CardFree’s platform enables customers to easily add items to their dine-in orders through their mobile devices, streamlining the ordering process and reducing the workload on your staff.

What kind of support does CardFree offer for setting up the mobile ordering platform?

CardFree provides comprehensive support, including integration assistance, training for your team, and ongoing customer service to ensure the platform meets your needs and expectations.

How can a mobile order-ahead platform reduce wait times?

By allowing customers to order in advance through multiple channels, your business can manage orders more efficiently, reducing wait times and improving overall customer satisfaction.

What is omni-channel ordering and why is it important for my restaurant or hotel?

Omni-channel ordering allows customers to place orders through multiple channels like online, mobile, on-premise kiosks, and drive-thru, offering a seamless experience that can increase satisfaction and drive sales.