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Full Service Restaurant Solutions

“CardFree is truly our most agile, intelligent, capable, trustworthy partner.”
– Jarrod East, VP of Technology | Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Level up your operational efficiency and give your guests the speed and convenience they expect.


Our omni-channel order and pay tech puts guests in control of their dining experience while streamlining operations and boosting revenue.


Our full service restaurant order and pay tech is fully integrated with leading POS systems and payment processors to seamlessly plug into your tech stack.

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A better guest experience

  • Faster service and speedy, convenient payments via Order@Table and Pay@Table
  • Easy bill splits by item, percentage, or dollar amount
  • Mobile wallet support, including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • QR code-enabled orders and payments
  • Less time spent on orders and payments = more time for staff to focus on service
CardFree full service restaurant order and pay solutions
CardFree restaurant order and pay tech

Supercharged efficiency & revenue

  • Streamline operations
  • Mitigate labor shortages
  • Analyze omni-channel insights
  • Improve order accuracy with KDS integration
  • Increase ticket values with smart upsell features
  • Reduce fraud and chargebacks with enhanced security and chargeback liability protection
  • Happier guests = larger tips

Mobile POS Tableside Orders & Payments via Tablet or EMV

  • Speed up table turns — easy, near-instantaneous tableside payments with the tap of a card or mobile device means less time spent taking payments and higher throughput
  • Multiple WiFi and LTE-connected device options integrated with your POS and processor
  • P2P encrypted payments keep merchants outside of PCI scope
  • Dip, swipe, or tap – including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay
CardFree mobile POS order and pay tech for full service restaurants
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How does CardFree integrate with existing POS systems and payment processors for full-service restaurants?

Our technology seamlessly integrates with leading POS systems and payment processors, ensuring a smooth incorporation into your existing tech stack without the need for extensive changes or overhauls.

What types of payment methods are supported by CardFree for full-service restaurants?

The platform supports a wide range of payment methods including major credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, catering to the diverse preferences of diners.

Can CardFree's solutions help in managing labor shortages in full-service restaurants?

Absolutely! By streamlining order and payment processes, our solutions significantly mitigate the impact of labor shortages, allowing staff to focus more on customer service and less on manual tasks.

How does CardFree enhance the dining experience in full-service restaurants?

With features like QR code-enabled ordering and payments, we put guests in control of their dining experience, making it more enjoyable by reducing wait times, improving order accuracy, and removing many of the customer pain points of the full service restaurant experience.

What are the benefits of using CardFree's full-service restaurant solutions for business owners?

Business owners can expect enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue through upselling features, and a robust solution to alleviate labor issues, all contributing to a better bottom line.