Mobile Order and Pay at the Table

Our mobile order and pay at the table solutions give your customers the ability to add items to their tab and pay their checks whenever they’re ready via mobile device – no app necessary.

Scan, Pay, Go!

CardFree mobile order and pay at the table
  • Simple, fast mobile order and pay at the table technology via consumer mobile devices
  • Customizable branded interface
  • No new hardware necessary
  • Guests can easily add items to their tab at any time
  • Easy bill splits by item, percentage, or dollar amount
  • No mobile app download necessary (though we are an award-winning app provider)
  • Pre-integrated with nearly all restaurant POS systems and processors
  • Experience tailored for your brand with support for QR codes, NFC tags, short codes, and manual entry
  • Takes only weeks to deploy
  • Can also enable Google Pay and Apple Pay even if your current processor does not yet support it
  • Proven enterprise scale
QR Code food ordering QR Code food ordering

Benefits of Pay@Table & Order@Table

The easiest and fastest QR code ordering and payment system
  • Quicker table turns
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased check size
  • Enhanced security for customers – PCI level 1 compliant (the most stringent audit requirement level)
  • Can be integrated into existing mobile app or be a stand-alone service
  • Offered via API for internal development
CardFree Mobile Order and Pay at the Table

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How can Order@Table and Pay@Table enhance the overall dining experience?

Order@Table and Pay@Table empower customers with the convenience to order and pay on their schedule, enhancing their dining experience through improved service and autonomy. Guests can add items to their tab, pay, and easily split the bill with their party at any time.

What are the benefits of using a QR code system for ordering and payment?

QR code systems for ordering and payment simplify a self-directed process, leading to faster service, quicker table turns, and an overall increase in customer satisfaction.

What does it mean for a payment system to be PCI level 1 compliant?

PCI level 1 compliance represents the most stringent level of security for payment systems, ensuring that customer payment information is protected to the highest standard.

What are the key benefits of implementing an order and pay at the table system?

This system can lead to quicker table turns, higher customer satisfaction, increased check sizes, and enhanced payment security, all contributing to a better dining experience.

How does mobile order and pay at the table work for customers without an app?

Customers can easily scan a QR code at their table to order and pay using their mobile device’s web browser, offering a seamless experience without the need for a separate app.