Restaurant Marketing & Engagement Tools

CardFree Loyalty comes equipped with a full suite of marketing, offer management, and analytics tools to help build your brand, engage with customers, and gain valuable insights into guest behavior.


With our easy-to-use merchant portal, you can create offers and promotions, segment your audience, send campaigns via email, SMS, and/or push notification, and analyze the results.

Restaurant marketing and loyalty platform
CardFree restaurant marketing tools

Surprise & Delight Your Guests with Offer & Discount Management

  • Create customized rewards and offers for both Loyalty members and non-Loyalty members with value propositions of dollar or percentage discounts by total check or specific items/item groups

  • Configure offers as rewards based on the rules of your chosen Loyalty program structure (e.g., “free taco after reaching 100 points”)
  • Configure special promotions that randomly grant an award from an array of offers. Randomized offers may be extended on a purely random basis, or weighted by percentage (e.g. complete a purchase this week and receive $3 off your next order, a free donut, or a $0.99 iced coffee).

Segment Your Audience

  • Dig deep into your customer data to tailor marketing campaigns and offers to target audiences
  • See real-time counts of recipients that will receive the campaign based on your defined criteria
  • Segment audiences by order type, order frequency, average spend, days of inactivity, age, registration date, loyalty enrollment, and many more combinations
CardFree restaurant marketing and engagement tools
CardFree restaurant marketing -- email, SMS and push notification marketing

Build Campaigns That Drive Engagement


  • Use CardFree’s Campaign Builder tool to create email, SMS, or push notification campaigns for distribution to any of your audience segments

  • Use campaigns to announce promotions, company news, menu updates, and other promotions, or link your campaigns to redeemable offers and discounts

  • Geolocation-enabled campaigns allow brands to utilize smartphone geofencing capabilities to push timely triggered notifications to guests when they’re near the restaurant, creating a highly efficient offer and messaging strategy that hits customers with the right message at the right time

  • Deploy campaigns immediately, schedule for a future date, or automate distribution based on a number of triggers, like birthdays, transaction completions, days of inactivity, and a lot more

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What types of marketing tools are included in CardFree Loyalty?

CardFree Loyalty includes offer management, audience segmentation, and campaign tools, allowing you to engage customers through email, SMS, push notifications, and geolocation-enabled campaigns.

What kind of insights can I gain from analytics tools?

Analytics tools provide insights into customer purchasing behavior, campaign performance, and offer redemption rates, helping you refine your marketing strategies for better results.

Is it difficult to create offers and promotions with CardFree Loyalty?

No, the merchant portal is designed for easy use, enabling you to quickly create and deploy offers and promotions without needing technical expertise.

How can I use these tools to engage with my customers?

You can create personalized offers and promotions, segment your audience based on their behavior or preferences, and reach out to them directly through their preferred communication channel.

How do these tools help in understanding guest behavior?

Analytics tools provide insights into guest purchases and how they interact with your campaigns, helping you to better understand their preferences and dining habits.