Handheld Mobile POS

A flexible order + pay solution, perfect for tableside, drive-thru, curbside & line-busting at restaurants of all types, integrated with your POS & processor.

CardFree’s Mobile POS solution is an extension of your existing POS terminals with a ton of value-added features to streamline operations, alleviate labor shortages, increase sales, and create a better guest experience.

CardFree mobile POS for restaurants, tablet or EMV

Flexible options to use for Payments only or add Drive-Thru/Curbside and/or Tableside Ordering:


EMV Pay  •  EMV Order & Pay  •  Tablet Order & Pay

Tabelside  •  Curbside  •  Drive-Thru  •  Line Busting

Why CardFree's Mobile POS?


From faster speed of service


More coverage with less staff

A Better
Guest Experience

Less time waiting around


More tables, better tips


Mitigate chargebacks
CardFree handheld mobile pos for quick service restaurants

Advanced Functionality

  • Staff-facing ordering
  • Drop at the table for self-directed order and/or pay
  • Multiple ways to split the bill
  • Offline mode
  • Custom marketing screens
  • eClub enrollment


  • Surcharging
  • Customizable surveys
  • Loyalty integration
  • Subscription enrollment
  • Mobile Pay@Table
  • Mobile Order@Table

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How does CardFree's Mobile POS solution differ from others?

CardFree’s solution offers extensive integration capabilities and value-added features for operations, while enhancing the guest experience through capabilities like self-service order and pay, multiple ways to split the bill, loyalty enrollment, and more, setting it apart from standard offerings.

Can mobile POS systems help with labor shortages?

Yes! They streamline operations, allowing staff to serve more customers efficiently, mitigating the impact of labor shortages.

How does using a mobile POS affect table turnover rates?

By speeding up ordering and payment processes, table turnover rates can be improved, serving more guests in less time.

What is a handheld mobile POS?

It’s a portable order and payment system that staff can carry via EMV device or tablet, allowing for tableside, drive-thru, and curbside service, fully integrated with your main POS system.

Can mobile POS devices handle special orders and modifications?

They allow staff to input special requests and modifications directly into the system, ensuring accurate and personalized service.