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Quick Service Restaurant Solutions

“Constant innovation was a big piece of the decision to go with CardFree — online ordering, native apps, loyalty, text-to-pay, order-at-table — just knowing that those were available was a big part of the decision.”
–- Scott Hudler, CMO | Torchy’s Tacos

Omni-channel order, pay, and loyalty tech streamlines your operation, boosts revenue, and keeps customers coming back for more.


From delivery integration to custom apps to on-site kiosks, CardFree provides powerful customer engagement tools with actionable insights and communication channels to supercharge your marketing.


Our quick service restaurant order, pay, and loyalty tech is fully integrated with leading POS systems and payment processors to seamlessly plug into your tech stack.

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A better guest experience

  • Speedy, convenient orders and payments via native iOS/Android apps, web apps, on-site kiosks, or mobile POS EMV devices
  • Delivery and loyalty integration
  • Mobile wallet support, including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Easy to navigate UI that can handle complex menus with modifications and combos
  • Increase ticket values with smart upsell features
CardFree quick service restaurant order and pay tech
CardFree restaurant loyalty platform

Supercharged efficiency & marketing channels

  • Keep guests coming back with customizable rewards programs
  • Analyze omni-channel insights
  • Segment audiences and promote your brand via email, SMS, or push notifications
  • Manage offers and discounts
  • Streamline operations
  • Mitigate labor shortages
  • Reduce fraud and chargebacks with enhanced security and chargeback liability protection

More ways to interact with guests & speed up service

  • Speed up the line and drive-thru service with on-site kiosks and mobile POS EMV devices
  • Turn parking spots into order lanes with curbside kiosks
  • Multiple WiFi and LTE-connected device options integrated with your POS and processor
  • P2P encrypted payments keep merchants outside of PCI scope
  • Dip, swipe, or tap – including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay
CardFree quick service restaurant on-site kiosks and mobile POS EMV
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