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Big Sandy Superstore

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“Using CardFree’s Text-To-Pay solution has given us a professional, user-friendly method for customers to transact in a convenient, mobile-friendly format. With the added layer of 3D Secure fraud detection, we’ve seen a reduction in fraudulent transactions/chargebacks.”

– Melissa Stitt, Ecommerce Manager

CardFree Text-To-Pay, Big Sandy Superstore

Big Sandy Home Furnishings Superstore has been serving the midwest for over 68 years, selling a range of furniture, appliances, and electronics. The employee-owned company has been ranked one of the fastest growing home furnishings retailers in the country with 25 retail locations across Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri.


Big Sandy utilizes CardFree Text-To-Pay as a mobile-friendly solution for requesting and collecting payments post-sale or in-store for items like add-on products, upgrades, and installation. At many retailers, these types of add-on transactions can result in fraud and chargebacks, but Text-To-Pay’s built-in 3D Secure fraud prevention tools provide Big Sandy Superstore with a safeguard to protect its bottom line.

Big Sandy Superstore CardFree Text To Pay for retail

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