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“Extending our successful relationship with CardFree and receiving a perpetual license to the code that supports our digital initiatives, including our gift card and DD Perks Loyalty programs, mobile ordering, delivery, and catering, will ensure that we have the best technology backbone in place and will allow us to accelerate our digital efforts.”

– Jack Clare, Former CIO

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Over the last 75+ years, Dunkin’ has grown from a small donut shop in Quincy, MA to one of the largest and most popular coffee chains in the world, topping 9,400 locations in the US alone.


Dunkin’ was an early adopter of mobile restaurant tech, launching their first app in 2012 with mobile payments and gifting functionality, while the brand incorporated their DD Perks rewards program into the app two years later. In 2014, after seeing success with mobile payments and rewards, Dunkin’ came to CardFree to develop their second generation mobile app.


We worked closely with the Dunkin’ team to create a feature-rich app, simplifying rewards management and gift card purchases while allowing guests to order and pay ahead with a personalized consumer experience based on location, individual preferences, and more.


In 2018 we struck a deal with Dunkin’, giving the company a perpetual license to CardFree software, allowing them to further develop their mobile technology in-house using our proprietary code.


The Dunkin’ app has now been downloaded more than 18 million times and mobile order, pay, and loyalty tech continues to be a focal point of Dunkin’s growth.

Dunkin' order, pay and loyalty app by CardFree


  • POS: Oracle & NCR
  • Processing: Fiserv
  • Gift Card: Fiserv Gift Solutions
  • Loyalty: Epsilon

Units in Operation

  • 9,400+
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