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Great Wolf Lodge

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CardFree has been a tremendous partner from the get go. We knew there were going to be challenges integrating into the older version of our POS, but with the help of the CardFree team, we’ve been able to test out different scenarios and solve some complex problems. That was one of the big factors of why we chose CardFree–other vendors had thrown their hands up, saying that these issues were too complex and would take too much work–but the CardFree team was very knowledgeable and they have proven that repeatedly.”

– Pankaj Khanna, VP of Digital

CardFree order and pay tech for hotels, Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is a family-oriented resort brand offering waterparks, attractions, live entertainment, and multiple restaurant brands within each of its 23 lodges throughout North America. Starting with its first Wisconsin Dells resort in 1997, Great Wolf Lodge’s idea for an all indoor, fully integrated family resort started an industry trend and has been steadily growing ever since. The company was acquired in 2019, and plans for accelerated growth are underway, with construction on several new lodges in the works along with the launch of an entertainment division. The resort brand came to CardFree in need of an ordering system with charge-to-room capabilities to be integrated into their existing app, enabling orders at the 5-8 restaurant options offered at each lodge. Great Wolf Lodge also utilizes CardFree kiosks to enable self-directed ordering and payment at their F&B outlets and grab and go markets.

Great Wolf Lodge CardFree digital ordering for hotels


  • POS: Simphony
  • PMS: Opera
  • Processing: Shift4
  • Gift Card/Loyalty: GiveX

Units in Operation

  • 23 resorts, 5-8 F&B outlets each
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