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Honey Dew Donuts 2.0

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CardFree online ordering platform, Honey Dew Donuts

Based in Plainville, MA, Honey Dew Donuts is New England’s largest locally owned donut and coffee chain, serving New Englanders for the last 50 years, currently operating 120 units throughout the NE.


Honey Dew came to CardFree looking to upgrade their rewards program from a leading loyalty provider, improve the digital guest experience, and add online ordering. Honey Dew went all in with CardFree, enlisting our team to create a feature-rich iOS/Android app and web app.


We migrated Honey Dew’s 70,000+ loyalty members from the brand’s existing provider into CardFree’s Loyalty platform, allowing members to keep their points and rewards without skipping a beat. Now customers can use the Honey Dew app to order and pay, purchase, manage, and send gift cards, mobile pay at the POS, and easily earn and redeem rewards in-store and online.


Honey Dew also utilizes CardFree’s Marketing & Engagement solution to enrich their loyalty program, enabling their marketing team to segment guests, send timely offers by email, SMS, or push, configure points multipliers, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

Honey Dew Donuts Loyalty

CardFree Products:

Web app
Mobile app

– Customized tiered loyalty program


  • POS: NCR Silver
  • Processing: WorldPay
  • Gift Card: WorldPay

Units in Operation

  • 120
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