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Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy's Tacos logo, CardFree online ordering
“Knowing that there was going to be constant innovation at CardFree and their breadth of products available—online ordering, native apps, loyalty, text-to-pay, order-at-table—just knowing that those things were going to be available was a big piece  of the decision to go with CardFree.”

– Scott Hudler, CMO

Torchy's Tacos online ordering web and mobile app, CardFree

Founded in 2006 as a modest food truck posted on Austin’s 1st Street, Torchy’s Tacos has made a name for itself dishing up elevated, handcrafted “damn good” tacos. Torchy’s has steadily risen through the ranks of the taco-saturated Austin food scene to reach cult status, expanding well beyond that original red truck with over 110 brick and mortar locations and plans for continued expansion.


The fast-casual restaurant and bar came to CardFree in need of an upgrade to a more robust, scalable, and dependable digital ordering platform. Integrating Torchy’s Tacos’ branding into CardFree’s digital ordering UI, we worked with the Torchy’s team to deliver a turnkey “off the shelf” app. The outcome was a web ordering app and native iOS/Android apps, all designed to feel like natural extensions of the Torchy’s brand.


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CardFree case study Torchy's Tacos online ordering

CardFree Products:


  • POS: Northstar
  • Processing: Heartland
  • Loyalty: Cheetah
  • Gift Card: Paytronix

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  • 115
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