CardFree Coca-Cola online ordering partnership

Online Ordering

Simple, Fast & Affordable

Coca-Cola has partnered with CardFree to offer turnkey digital ordering and payment solutions.

Save Money & Grow Your Business

Shift orders from costly third party delivery, increase incremental sales and basket size with digital ordering, and mitigate labor shortages.
  • On-Premise Digital Ordering

    • Spend less time taking orders
  • Curbside “I’m Here” Check-In

    • Spend less time answering the phone
  • Text-To-Pay

    • Speed up payment and cut down on fraud and chargebacks
  • Loyalty

    • Leverage customer data and social media integration to create a unique brand experience



with optimized online ordering



vs leading competitors



vs third party delivery partners

CardFree Coca-Cola online ordering

Capabilities to help your business grow

  • Multiple Ordering Modes: Takeout, On-Premise, Catering
  • Mobile optimized website. No app needed
  • Menu images, bundles, modifiers, and upsell
  • Text-to-Pay for phoned-in orders
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, and all major cards accepted

Core Differentiators

Apple Pay & Google Pay for Web

On average, 50% of transactions come through Apple Pay and Google Pay. Digital wallets provide a much better customer experience, decrease cart abandonment, and cut down on chargebacks.

“I’m Here” Curbside Check-In

While most competitors offer Curbside, they all require the customer to call the restaurant when they arrive on site. CardFree allows customers to send the restaurant an “I’m Here” notification when they arrive, saving valuable time and eliminating the need for multiple phone calls.


Our clients still take 40%-60% takeout orders over the phone. Taking cards over the phone leads to very high chargeback rates. Taking payments on-premise adds friction to the experience and takes up employee’s time.


Our Catering is simply a different menu on the restaurant’s online ordering site whereas others, if they even offer it, only offer Catering as a separate product and website.


CardFree’s upsell feature drives increased basket size, particularly for high-margin beverages.


If you’re looking for a program that goes beyond the basic punch card paradigm, our solution offers flexibility and tools to leverage customer data and social media integration, creating a unique experience for your brand.


Exclusive pricing as part of the Coca-Cola Partnership.
CardFree Coca-Cola pricing

Coca-Cola has partnered with CardFree to offer turnkey digital ordering & payment solutions.

It’s simple and fast to launch – CardFree can take your digital ordering live in 48 hours!

  • Sign up to learn more and start onboarding.
  • Set up your intro call with CardFree
  • CardFree sets up your menu and begins testing
  • You approve and go live!
Coca-Cola CardFree online ordering partnership