Loyalty Programs to build brand love

We can mobilize your existing restaurant loyalty platform or develop custom programs. If you’re looking for a loyalty program that goes beyond the basic punch card paradigm, our solution offers flexibility and tools to create a unique experience to build your brand.

Mobile Loyalty Programs Designed for Your Brand

We support multi-tier programs with different levels and different paths.





CardFree restaurant loyalty platform
CardFree restaurant loyalty platform

Drive repeat visits

Offer rewards and exclusive experiences to drive brand love and give your customers more reason to visit again and again.

Get to know your customers

Leverage customer data to better understand your guests and make rewards more meaningful to enable true “Surprise & Delight.”

Engage your customers

Create campaigns and send offers, discounts, and promotions via SMS, email, or push notifications.

Geolocation-enabled campaigns allow brands to push timely triggered notifications to guests when they’re near the restaurant, creating a highly efficient offer and messaging strategy that hits customers with the right message at the right time.

Enable social media integration

More engagement and richer data analytics.

Customize your program

Offer simple rewards points or create a more complex tiered program–we’ll work with you to build the right program for your operation.

Offer guests a seamless omni-channel experience

Whether online, in-app, or in-store, guests can engage with your restaurant loyalty platform for a frictionless brand experience.

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