Text-To-Pay Mobile Payment Platform for Home Services

Eliminate the need to take payment info over the phone and cut back on fraud with CardFree Text-To-Pay.

Integrated Mobile Payments via SMS

  • Give your customers a safe and convenient way to pay for orders placed over the phone.
  • CardFree’s PCI Level 1 compliant payment processing helps mitigate fraud and chargeback disputes typically seen with phone orders.
  • Text-To-Pay integrates with your POS and loyalty program, with no new hardware or application required.
CardFree Text-To-Pay for restaurants and retail

The Text-To-Pay Experience

CardFree Text-To-Pay UI


  • Staff simply punch in the customer’s phone number directly from the POS or through our dashboard to text the customer a link to their bill.
  • The customer receives a text with a link to initiate payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or card.
  • Complete the payment and go!
CardFree Text-To-Pay

Curbside Pickup

  • When picking up an order, the customer taps ‘I’m here’ to check-in with the restaurant once they arrive on-site.
  • The customer is then prompted to enter their vehicle details.
  • A staff member brings the customer’s order to the correct car.

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