Pay at the table technology
Pay at the table technology has made some huge leaps in the past few years, but some restaurants are still skeptical of adopting pay at the table solutions. These solutions not only allow customers to pay from their table whenever they’re ready, but can be combined with other technologies like CardFree Order@Table to put guests in full control of their experience, driving revenue and increasing efficiency while freeing up your staff from menial tasks. 

Pay at the table technology appeals to the growing demands of speed, convenience, and contactless engagement from customers, giving your guests control over their dining experience. At the same time, these solutions take the payment and/or ordering process off of your staff’s plate, easing some of the pain brought on by recent labor issues.


What pain points can pay at the table technology solve?


The traditional payment experience at a typical full service restaurant looks something like this: when the guest is ready to pay, they wait for a server to be freed up, flag them down, inform them that they’re ready for the check, wait for the server to bring the check, review the check once it’s in hand, place their card in the check presenter, wait for the server to pick it up, run the card, and return it, then add the tip, and finally sign and leave.


Most of us are so accustomed to that process that we don’t even realize how inefficient it is. Moreover, it doesn’t add anything positive to the dining experience, and with the technology available today, is entirely outdated and unnecessary. Especially with recent labor issues, the ordering and payment processes can spread your staff thin, causing longer waits and reduced guest satisfaction.


The benefits of Pay@Table deployment


In contrast to the traditional payment experience above, this is what a typical pay at the table experience can look like: when the guest is ready to pay, they use their phone to scan or tap a QR code displayed at the table, select which items they’d like to pay for (if splitting the bill), follow the prompts to pay, select their tip amount, tap to finalize payment, and leave.


Pay at the table technology streamlines the payment process and makes it easy for guests to split the bill and pay via credit/debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or gift card, eliminating potential confusion or miscommunication.


The tech also eliminates the back and forth waiting game between guests and servers, reducing frustration on the customer side while freeing up your staff from running payments and delivering receipts so they can focus on more important, less mundane tasks. A process that once could take 10-15 minutes now takes just a few seconds.


With CardFree’s Pay@Table solution, this process can be set up a number of ways using a tableside EMV or the customer’s phone, all with loyalty integration.

When CardFree’s Pay@Table solution is coupled with Order@Table, you can boost your operational efficiency even further, as both the ordering and payment processes are taken off of your staff’s plate. The best part for restaurant owners? There’s no new hardware required because CardFree’s Pay@Table and Order@Table solutions are pre-integrated with nearly all restaurant POS systems and payment processors.

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With Pay@Table and Order@Table used together, guests have full control over their dining experience with the ability to leave a tab open and add items as needed, allowing for even faster table turns, increased revenue, more tips for servers, and a more convenient, memorable dining experience. 


With the ease of ordering provided by mobile menus and upsell features restaurants can take advantage of, businesses typically see a 20-40% increase in check size with Order@Table.


Additionally, as more people return to dine-in at restaurants, they are more willing to adopt table-side order and payment tech–in just the last year, CardFree Pay@Table restaurant clients have seen a 14.5% jump in order value compared to 2021.

CardFree pay at the table and order at table solutions

A tech-driven solution that’s anything but robotic


Many operators are reluctant to invest in this type of solution, often bringing up the idea that it makes the dining experience feel too robotic, lacking a personal touch. In reality, human interaction will always be a key component of the hospitality industry–the goal of these technologies is not to replace that interaction, but to eliminate repetitive or menial tasks so your staff can focus more on personalized service or other areas of the operation that need attention.


At the end of the day, these technologies reduce wait times, increase payment security, and add convenience, enhancing the overall experience for both staff and guests. On top of that, the digital experience can be tailored to a restaurant’s unique brand and voice with customized touches to feel anything but robotic.

Is Pay@Table right for your business?


Sure, some restaurants can get away with old school practices, but that doesn’t change the fact that today’s consumers prioritize convenience, speed, and easy-to-use technology. The pandemic pushed the adoption of contactless payments into hyperspeed, as Mastercard reports that contactless payments account for half of all their transactions as of early 2022, and that adoption is expected to increase.


Pay at the table technology capitalizes on this demand and offers restaurants a variety of other benefits. If you want to appeal to today’s customers and future-proof your operation, adopting these types of solutions is a must.


If you’re ready to explore what pay at the table technology can do for your business, contact us to set up a call.