Introducing CardFree Loyalty 2.0

We built the initial CardFree Loyalty platform in 2013 with basic functionality, as our primary focus was creating the best Ordering and Payment platforms possible. A few years ago, we started hearing complaints from our restaurant partners about legacy loyalty platforms in regard to lack of support, high costs, poor UX, and more. We listened to our partners and got to work, investing heavily into our Loyalty technology to compete with leading platforms.


Now that hard work and investment have come to fruition with the official launch of the Order, Pay, and Loyalty app from Honey Dew Donuts, a 120-location coffee chain. With CardFree’s full stack solution, Honey Dew Donuts can offer guests an end-to-end mobile guest experience with a customized rewards program to help drive repeat visits, learn from valuable 1:1 customer data, and grow the brand through our suite of marketing and engagement tools. Scroll down to see what sets CardFree apart…

CardFree Restaurant Loyalty Platform
Mature Full-Stack Solution:

CardFree Ordering tech was not a bolt-on product or bargain-bin acquisition. We built order ahead on the backs of industry giants such as Dunkin’ and Taco Bell.

User Experience:

The UI / UX provided by many loyalty solutions, particularly within native apps that also feature ordering, looks and feels like an afterthought fraught with friction. Our platform, on the other hand, delivers a smooth, cohesive UX developed by our award-winning team.


We listen to our clients. We prioritize requests and complete dev in weeks, not months or years. The majority of our team (all US-based FTEs) is product & engineering, many of whom have been with us for 7+ years.

Lower Cost of Ownership:

Since we are full stack, we can provide a significantly reduced TCO when bundling ordering, EMV Pay, and/or mobile pay (while keeping your processor).

Pay Only for the Functionality You Need:

If you want something basic, then you pay (much less) for something basic. If you want something advanced, then you pay more, but still less than the competition.

White Glove Service:

Our high-touch support is one of the most consistent points of feedback we receive from client surveys.

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