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Monty’s Good Burger

“We found that a lot of other solutions out there were not able to work directly with our POS, so one of the main reasons we chose CardFree was their ability to integrate with our system. CardFree was not only able to integrate their ordering platform with our existing POS system, but were also able to turn the project around really quickly and smoothly.” 

– Bill Fold, Partner

Monty's Good Burger CardFree online ordering

With its bright checkered walls, neon signs, playful illustrations, and open kitchen, LA-based Monty’s Good Burger serves up nostalgic, classic burger joint vibes… minus the meat. In a few short years since its 2018 debut at Coachella, Monty’s Good Burger has transformed from a roving music festival popup to a fast-growing plant-based enterprise.


After a few years of growth without any digital guest experience in place, the pandemic pushed Monty’s to search for a contactless order ahead solution that could be implemented quickly with seamless integration into their POS system and processor. We delivered Monty’s a white-label native iOS and Android app along with a web app, enabling guests to easily place orders for pickup or skip the line in-store. Coupled with CardFree’s customizable loyalty platform, Monty’s guests can earn and redeem rewards points while the Monty’s team is able to utilize robust customer insights to segment audiences and communicate via push, email, and SMS marketing.


Soon after adding CardFree online ordering, payments, and loyalty, Monty’s Good Burger saw an 11% increase in digital ticket values vs non-digital while 30% of all orders were being placed online.


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CardFree Products:


  • POS: Clover
  • Processing: CardConnect

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